A comparison of alfarabi and aristotle

While he was writing the section on logic Ibn Sina was arrested and imprisoned, but he escaped to Isfahan, disguised as a Sufi, and joined Ala al-Dawla.

A comparison of alfarabi and aristotle

God is One; this One is the Absolute which transcends everything. From the One flows the plurality of things gradually coming down the scale of perfection to the existence of matter. The goal of man is to return to God.

What is ‘philosophy of society’?

This return is to be accomplished by virtue and philosophical thought. Like the Neo-Platonists, Alfarabi holds in his treatise on The Agreement Between Plato and Aristotle, that there is no essential difference between the philosophy of Plato and that of Aristotle.

But outside of these Neo-Platonic features, all the philosophy of Alfarabi may he said to be saturated with Aristotelism which, by its empirical method, suited better his scientific mind. No youth should start the study of philosophy before he is well acquainted with the natural sciences.

For, human nature requires a gradual rise from the imperfect to the perfect.

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Mathematics is a very important subject in training the mind of the young philosopher because it helps him pass easily from the sensible to the intelligible, and also because it familiarizes his mind with exact demonstrations.

For example, he should be told that some philosophies derive their names from the manner in which they are taught, such as the philosophy of Peripateticism, which was discussed with students while walking up and down a garden.

He should be taught that other philosophies take their names from the author, such as Platonism from Plato and Aristotelism from Aristotle; and that others take their names from the goal they propose, such as Epicurism, setting pleasure as an end.

The teacher must be neither excessively strict nor excessively lenient. For, if he is too strict he errs through excess and if he is too lenient, he errs through defect. If the teacher becomes unpopular be-cause of his severity, his excessive leniency will also tend to make him unworthy of respect.

The teacher, therefore, should avoid excess as well as defect. For, only one thing can be well mastered at a time. The reason for this rule is to have the student concentrate his attention upon the object of study and make a success of it.

The end of philosophy is to know God as the Creator of heaven and earth. The Theoretical could be subdivided into Metaphysics and Psychology, while the Practical philosophy into Ethics and Politics.Alfarabi And Aristotle: The Four Causes And The Four Stages Of The Doc Essays: Over , Alfarabi And Aristotle: The Four Causes And The Four Stages Of The Doc.

Aristotle, like Plato, also established a school “the lyceum”. iv. Slavery and stratification of citizens - Both considered slaves as properties of their masters and justified the fact that some people are by nature slaves. Excerpt from Alfarabi’s introduction: “Our purpose in making this introduction is this: the wise Plato did not feel free to reveal and uncover every kind of knowledge for all people.

“This book represents a comprehensive study of Alfarabi’s expositions of Aristotle’s logical treatise, the De Interpretatione. a comparison.

An Introduction and Biography. Abu Nasr al-Farabi is widely regarded as the founder of philosophy within the Islamic world.

Alfarabi then turns to a discussion of the philosopher and begins his discussion of Plato and Aristotle. Perhaps Alfarabi hopes to persuade his addressee that studying Plato and Aristotle is a more substantial activity.

In Logic Alfarabi follows Aristotle. He has, however, his own original views. His Logic deals with concepts, judgments and reasoning.

A comparison of alfarabi and aristotle

According to Alfarabi, a concept is an idea that represents the objective essence or the essential notes of a thing. It is the object of the first mental operation.

The history of logic deals with the study of the development of the science of valid inference ().Formal logics developed in ancient times in India, China, and caninariojana.com methods, particularly Aristotelian logic (or term logic) as found in the Organon, found wide application and acceptance in Western science and mathematics for millennia.

The Stoics, especially Chrysippus, began the.

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