Annoying coworkers

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Annoying coworkers

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. PeopleImages via Getty Images For better or worse, most of us spend more time with our co-workers than we do with our family and friends.

Annoying coworkers

Sometimes, that closeness breeds contempt, especially in cases where a colleague has annoying habits or seems totally oblivious to everyone else around them.

We see you, loud eaters and passive-aggressive email senders. Bad behavior includes gossiping, taking credit for work someone else did and micromanaging. Poorly behaved co-workers can zap productivity and morale in the office in very significant ways.

Discourteous offenders, meanwhile, have little to no etiquette skills. According to Taylor, if you feel compelled to voice your complaints about your co-worker, you need to tread lightly. Then, tell them what set you back or bothered you about their behavior.

Say that you both have more to gain by working together harmoniously. End on a positive, upbeat note. This one guy clipped his nails at his desk, constantly took personal phone calls and always had a super loud fan blowing the already cold air at everyone else.

Or telling stories of friends and family I do not know and have never met as though I am supposed to know them.

Annoying coworkers

I used to be a security guard, and some of them would sleep.Oct 25,  · We’ve all had coworkers who just rub us the wrong way.

Maybe they have some annoying habit that gets under your skin. Maybe they don’t follow the same social “rules” you follow. Sep 19,  · After all, annoying coworkers are the reason "The Office" was such a hit.

"Youre not allowed to put things on the walls. It leaves holes."

It's why we clip Far Side and Dilbert cartoons to hang on our cubicle walls. There's a big difference between habits that another person can easily fix, and personal traits that are impossible to change. "YOU HAVE TO DO YOUR TIMESHEETS.

EVERYONE DOES." I don't like doing time-sheets. I mentioned this to my partner Holly and she said "God you are .

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A reader write: I could really use your help. I work on a team of about 15 people. We have an open floor plan and we all get along very well. There are various ages, work styles, and senses of humor on the team, but everyone is sensitive to and respectful of the open floor plan.

Dear Lifehacker, I have a few coworkers that always seem to be at my desk talking to me. Whether I'm in the middle of a task and obviously working or I'm trying to talk on the phone or I'm.

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