As media coursework blogs

Digital Media Concentration With the Bachelor of Science in communication, digital media concentration, you will focus on the basics of communication with an emphasis on telling stories through television and other media. Coursework covers television and media production basics, and how to shape narratives for a tech-savvy generation. This program is offered only at the Clarion campus. Requirements Maps Outcomes B.

As media coursework blogs

Using social media in education, Part 1 Opportunity, risk, and policy Published on December 20, Content series: This content is part of in the series: Using social media in education, Part 1 https: This content is part of the series: Using social media in education, Part 1 Stay tuned for additional content in this series.

Universities and colleges increasingly are using new communication technologies to produce innovative teaching methods, thus improving relationships with staff and students. Much of this innovation is centered on social media spaces and concepts.

We will discuss both the opportunities and risks of this media in detail in this article. Social media literally means media spaces that are sociable in some sense and therefore encompasses many Web 2.

Many of the most significant social media tools are still very young see Figure 1 for timelinebut the concepts of social networking, online video, and blogging go back to the earliest days of the Internet. Indeed, educators and library professionals were quick to see the value of blogs as they appeared, partly as a mechanism to bypass complex or slow institutional website-updating processes.

They are also a way to reach out, to share news and reflections with colleagues and students both within and beyond institutional walls.

Some key social media sites and their year of launch View image at full size As the first social networking sites emerged, combining the functionality of bulletin boards with personal profiles and instant messaging tools, students were early adopters using the sites like FriendsReunited to maintain existing friendships and to establish personal support networks.

Friendster extended the idea of what these spaces could do, and by the time Facebook launched for those with university email addressesstudents were well prepared to experiment, socialize, and share their networks online.

Some librarians and academics followed students into these spaces, sharing practical information and trying these new forms of engagement. Now with the widespread use of tools and technologies like YouTube, Twitter, blogs, wikis and Facebook, social media is used for teaching in higher education.

Students remain ahead of the adoption curve see Figure 2 of social media users in various higher education groups. While many, most notably Marc Prensky see Related topicsattribute this to generational factors, it is also true that students are more highly motivated by the need to find and bond with new peers and potential social groups.

Many find participating in a new online space a relatively low stakes issue of experimenting and exploring the spaces that work for them, or that their friends use.

Academic staff have been slower to find their feet, but the success of pioneering colleagues in communicating and engaging students in their work, or gaining professional advantage through social media spaces, has helped drive change and, in some cases institutional leadership.

InWarwick University was one of the first UK universities to introduce an institution-wide blogging platform see Related topics encouraging staff and students to share professional or personal reflections in a trusted branded public space.

Rolling out blogging tools and support across the university has led to a creative, thoughtful, and lively culture of blogging within the university including a rapid turnover of very high quality content. Percentage of social media users in U.


UK statistics are from the Oxford Internet Survey. See Related topics for more information on both. Admissions and alumni staff are leading the way, adopting sophisticated social media strategies to ensure they meet or exceed the expectations of both prospective and recently graduated students and engage with them in social media spaces.

As media coursework blogs

Facebook pages are often the hubs of this activity and U. This is a Facebook application that encourages prospective students to connect to the college community through a "Facebook within Facebook" that provides a specific college-related content stream long before those prospective students step foot on campus.There is a troubling hidden pattern behind success stories of high school graduation: though the percent of students earning a diploma is at an all-time high (82 percent), college completion rates.

The word “college” might make you think of students hanging out in dorm rooms or gathering for classes in enormous lecture halls.

But that depiction is becoming increasingly out-of-date as technology provides for more and more ways to learn. The aim of this programme is to equip students with the creative, technical and entrepreneurial skills and attributes to be proactive digital strategists, designers and developers able to both service existing practice and influence emerging digital practice.

Principles of narrative. Media Unlimited, Revised Edition: How the Torrent of Images and Sounds Overwhelms Our Lives [Todd Gitlin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

As media coursework blogs

A balanced yet biting critique Gitlin is a savvy guide to our increasingly kinetic times. ― San Francisco Chronicle In this original look at our electronically glutted.

In the latest installment of his ongoing series, Jason Lunday explains why social media can and must be proactively managed for a company to safeguard its reputation and provide its employees with the tools to manage their own personal and business activities.

More than anything else, you want to practice medicine and become a doctor. You jumped through some major hoops to get to medical school. But before you can work with patients, and get that coveted M.D. after your name, you have to get through a mountain of coursework in a short amount of time and.

Managing the Workplace Ethics of Social Media