Auditing and assurence services chapter 2

Name the various practice standards for internal, governmental, and independent auditors and auditing firms, and identify their sources. Explain audit evidence in terms of its appropriateness and relative strength of persuasiveness. Describe the standard unqualified audit report in terms of its communication of audit standards and other messages. List the reasons for having general attestation and assurance standards and explain how attestation standards differ from generally accepted auditing standards.

Auditing and assurence services chapter 2

Indicate the type of audit opinion issued. Auditing Multiple Choice - Mid-term 2 As you prepare for your midterm exams the quiz below is the second of a series of tests aimed at helping you get an idea of what to expect come exam time.

The questions cover most of what you have learnt in class. Arrange to make copies, for inclusion in the audit files, of those client supporting documents examined by the auditor.

Arrange to provide the client with copies of the audit programs to be used during the audit.

Auditing and assurence services chapter 2

Arrange a preliminary conference with the client to discuss audit objectives, fees, timing, and other information. Arrange to have the auditor prepare and post any necessary adjusting or reclassification entries prior to final closing.

The emphasis on positive activities. That they identify ideal conduct. The difficulty of enforcing principles, or general ideals. That there are too many to remember.

Auditing Chapter 2 - ProProfs Quiz

In the business world there are different types of people who are required in a company for it to run smoothly and internal controls come in handy.

Take this quiz to gauge your knowledge on the subject. Tracking transaction documentation Creating a guest history record Verfifying account entries and balances Identifying vulnerabilities in the accounting system This is for chapter 17 the final part of the auditing segment.

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Auditing and assurence services chapter 2

Audit reports should be dated the date on which the financial statements are issued.Mar 19,  · Assessing Control Risk & Reporting on Internal Controls.

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Auditing Chapter 1. Auditing Chapter 2.

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Auditing has become a scary word associated with the IRS, taxes, and having to pay money. Auditing quiz derived from the 12th chapter of the textbook Auditing and Assurance Services an Intergrated Approach by Arens.

Questions: 8 | Attempts: Start studying Auditing and Assurance Services Chapter 2: THE CPA PROFESSION. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Soon after it began operations in early , the PCAOB began registering professional services firms providing auditing services to public entities.

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Firms not registered are not allowed to conduct audits of public companies. Auditing Notes - Chapter 2. Uploaded by Future CPA. Related Interests. Potential effects of the services on the firm’s independence should be discussed with audit committee and documented Chapter 2 Becker Auditing – Edition Required to establish an understanding with the client: 1.

Description of specific services to be /5(9).

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