Capacity planning 2 essay

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Capacity planning 2 essay

We have used the concept of adaptive logic on two sides with the help of infra red sensor. Adaptive logic is active in the green light.

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If no traffic is on road while green light is active then the timing of green light is reduced. When traffic is normal then counter shows a normal light timing.

When traffic is dense then counter shows a double timing. For this purpose we use two counters. In our country, India and most parts of the world traffic lights change after a period of fixed and predetermined time.

Adaptive Traffic Light - Capacity Planning - Research Paper

This system does not take into account the vehicle density of the road. This is a major drawback of this system as this often leads to traffic jams and congestion. Nowadays congestion in traffic is a serious issue. The traffic congestion can also be caused by large Red light delays, etc.

The delay of respective light is hard coded in the traffic light and it is not dependent on traffic. Therefore for simulating and optimizing traffic control to better accommodate this increasing demand arises.

Capacity planning 2 essay

The proposed system will certainly help in reducing traffic by managing traffic better than the current system. There are three levels of traffic: In this level system automatically increase the counter value or timing of green light according to requirement.

For indication in control room: With the help of led indication we demonstrate the level of traffic light. When there is no vehicle between both the sensors, it will be low level mode and green light timing will be low.

When there are vehicles between one of the two sensors then it will be medium level mode and green light timing increases. If both the sensors detect vehicle then it is High mode and green light timing is maximum. If both the roads show high vehicle density then the green light is given for maximum time at the both the traffic light signals.

Various System Diagrams [pic 1].The production system design planning considers input requirements, conversion process and output. After considering the forecast and long-term planning organization should undertake capacity planning.

Capacity is defined as the ability to achieve, store or produce. For an organization, capacity. Capacity planning is one of the processes applied by organizations in determining the resources that are required to curb performance impact as well as availability impact on the company’s business- .

capacity planning Essay PROJECT ON STRATEGIC CAPACITY PLANNING Submitted to Submitted By, Prof. Md Sarfaraz Khan Capacity planning is the known as the process of determining the production capacity needed by an organization to meet changing demands of its products.

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