Foreign literature about factors affect student behavior in school

She has been writing for online publications for more than 5 years. These include economic stability, changes in family relationships, parental attitudes toward education and incidents of child abuse.

Foreign literature about factors affect student behavior in school

Review of Related Literature and Studies posted Oct 18,5: Given the importance of being punctual, this study aims to explore and find out the factors that affect the punctuality of UP students. In this chapter, we will be discussing about the background of our study.

It includes facts about tardiness, the different factors that causes it and its effect to the students as students and as bearer of their own lives in the future. From reliable research materials like online journals and research papers, we will provide some facts and theories from authors, teachers and notable people in order to have a concrete justification of our study.

First, we will give a definition of tardiness and present some theories and facts about it. Next, we will discuss he various factors that causes the students to come to school late, the psychological theories, the observation of the teachers and the personal reasons of the students.

Tardiness As UP students, we are expected to perform well with excellence in everything that we do, most especially in the academic aspect. It creates problems, not just to the students but also to the teachers Cowan Avenue Elementary School Community,para 1. According to the results of the study of the U.

Chapter II: Review of Related Literature and Studies - Bilocura and Guia

Thus, it is a lot important to value time and practice being on time while being a student. According to CAESC and Zeigerthe most essential learning time of the day for the students lies in the morning, specifically between 8: It is because the students are most mindful and observant at this time of the day.

It is also the reason why the most important lessons and subject matters are discussed during this time. So when students are late or are not present during this time of the day, they, in effect, miss out most of the important lessons to be noted and learned.

Factors affecting Punctuality Reasons for being late in class and other factors affecting the punctuality if a student vary. There had been some theories that pointed out that tardiness is caused by the personality of a person.

Santillano also discussed about the study conducted by DeLonzor at San Francisco State University in in which she surveyed respondents about their habits that makes them late from their appointments.

Foreign literature about factors affect student behavior in school

It was also a test on the personalities of the respondents that affect their habits. Nakpodia and Dafiaghor attribute lateness or tardiness to a lot of factors or causes. Going late to bed and waking up late next morning are the most common.

Chapter II: Review of Related Literature and Studies - Bilocura and Guia

The authors added film-watching late at night as a cause for tardiness. Not just because it takes more time to get to school, but according to the authors, the student is susceptible to more distractions and hindrances along the way. Habitual tardiness can also be learned from other members of the family, especially from the older ones.

Lack of a firm and consistent policy on punctuality also encourages students to come late at school since there are no consequences attached to lateness or tardiness. These causes of tardiness will lead to serious effects.

Another study was the one conducted by Enamiroro Oghuvbu in Nigeria. The objective of the study was to determine the causes of the absenteeism and lateness among the secondary students in Nigeria and to seek for solutions to the growing problem.


Oghuvbu collected the data from a sample size of 17, Nigerian respondents from The sample was made up of 20 principals and 50 each from a set of teachers, parents and students. The means of collecting data was through a thirty-item questionnaire answerable by either strongly agree SAagreed Adisagree Dand strongly disagreed SD.

The questionnaire had four questions, one of which was about the causes of lateness among the secondary students of Nigeria.

Foreign literature about factors affect student behavior in school

Another research partly studied about tardiness but tackled a specific reason or factor. For their study, Pimentel and Quijada collected 60 respondents and provided them with questionnaires.

The questionnaires contained questions that ask the respondents about their use of Facebook and its effects. A certain question asked the respondents if late-night use of Facebook has an effect on their punctuality. According to the results of the study, three out of 60 respondents are always late, eight said they are sometimes late, 12 said they are seldom late and 37 said that they never get late due to late-night use of Facebook.

Generally, the results showed that the respondents are seldom late in class because of late-night use of the social networking site.

Another factor that could affect the punctuality of a student is the response of the teachers to tardy students. This variation could lead the students to confusion as to how important it is to be on time in going to class. Another reason is the lack of motivation.

Students who come to school on time are not given incentives or rewards. Also, responses to tardiness are lenient, that is nothing is done until the tenth strike or more.Alicia Miller is the Language Development Coordinator at Whitby. Her passion for languages started at age 10 with her first Spanish class and led her to studying Spanish, Russian, Polish, German and .

scope of research is always there to find out what are the factors that affect the performance of the students. contribute to find out the factors, which are responsible for student’s inelastic behavior towards study along with identifying those factors, which help a student to make progress in his studies.

sex that can affect student. Jan 07,  · literature student is has often pointed in field to the support true services in the there are five factors that affect the appeal of schools; people, places, policies, programs, and processes.

Invitational theory claims that these five factors make Documents Similar To Factors Affecting Students' Performance in NAT.5/5(87). According to the results of the study of the U.S.

Department of Education on “truancy”, which is related to tardiness, being present and on time in going to school are big factors on the “success and behavior” of the students (Zeiger, , para 1). However, in the student performance literature, the closest thing to a conceptual framework is the emphasis on combination of different factors that are expected to influence the student performance i.e.

nutrition, food tickets, government support for education, room-mates, effort, distance from learning place, age, gender, etc we have chosen /5(28). The students‘ academic performance depends on a number of socio-economic factors like students‘ attendance in the class, family income, mother‘s and father‘s education, teacher-student ratio, presence of trained teacher in school, sex of the student, and distance of schools.

Chapter II: Review of Related Literature and Studies - Bilocura and Guia