Implement and monitor marketing activities essay

Strategy implementation Step 1 Engage all divisions of an organisation in the strategy planning process by ensuring information flow within all visions; from to levels to lower level upward to downward communication channel should be adopted. Managers must be fully aware of how the company operates and how change will affect operation before formulation of the strategy. Step 2 Communicate the need and how decisions were made to fill that need. Employees and all stakeholders must understand why the strategy is being put in place and its goals.

Implement and monitor marketing activities essay

If you remove one of these items from a marketing plan, it falls apart, and the plan won't succeed. All three are necessary for the successful completion of marketing activities that help businesses achieve their strategic goals.

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Implementation The strategy section of a marketing plan describes the market position the business hopes to achieve given the current economic climate and competition. The implementation section outlines the exact steps the business will take to achieve the strategy.

Both are equally important.

Implement and monitor marketing activities essay

A great strategy with poor implementation won't help the business achieve its goals, because it won't take the proper steps to achieve the strategy. A poor strategy with great implementation is also a waste of time and money; the tactical steps may be flawlessly executed, but without a strong strategic vision, they won't achieve the company's goals.

Both must be equally well-conceived and executed to successfully achieve marketing goals.

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Implementation Missteps in the implementation phase of a marketing plan can be disastrous. Implementation means execution, or the actual steps the company will take to promote its business. These steps may include running ads, launching a website or sending direct mail.

If the implementation isn't completed according to plan, the company won't achieve its strategic objectives. The best ideas still need to be enacted. The implementation phase of the marketing plan makes sure the marketing activities happen in the correct time and sequence for success. Evaluation The evaluation step of a marketing plan focuses on analyzing quantitative and qualitative metrics associated with the implementation and strategy.

Quantifiable metrics are those to which numbers can be attached, such as the numbers of sales leads obtained, customers reached and dollar amounts achieved. Qualitative factors include measures of customer satisfaction.

Evaluating the marketing plan means looking at the data and examining whether or not the company achieved its strategy objectives from the implementation phase. If it did, the steps can be replicated for future success. If not, changes can be made to improve performance and results.

Control Controls are necessary for the evaluation phase. Controls established during the creation of the marketing plan provide benchmarks to assess how well the plan accomplished its goals. Controls are like goals; they give the company something to aim for when enacting the plan.

Controls may include measures such as the marketing budgets and market share. Covering business, marketing, gardening and health topics, her work has appeared in the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books, "Horse Illustrated" and many national publications.The implementation planning worksheet relates to major implementation tasks in each of four areas of Project START implementation: pre-implementation, implementation, maintenance, and monitoring .

BSBMKGA Impement and Monitor Marketing Activities Essay BSBMKGA Implement and monitor marketing activities Review of implementation of the marketing strategy and tactics BBQ fun June Task 1 Executive Summary The marketing plan reviewed in this report is for BBQ fun Read this essay on Implement and Monitor Marketing Activities.

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Three types of marketing activities have been put into places: radio advertisement, magazine/PR and direct marketing campaign and advertisement through loyalty programs. The resources required for the first strategy are straight forward yet pricy.

IMPLEMENT AND MONITOR MARKETING ACTIVITIES Section A 1. Briefly overview the marketing activities you are involved in implementing.

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There should be activities that are suitable for generating interest and awareness in the . Implement and monitor marketing activities ASSESSMENT 1 – REPORT A.

Stakeholders Briefing regarding their implementation roles Board of directors: the board of directors are required to approve the hence they will be briefed on details of the plan through a presentation conducted for them and also informing them their roles in the implementation process%(12).

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