India sri lanka relations essay writer

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India sri lanka relations essay writer

India-Sri Lanka relations have generally been cordial, though there have been tensions caused mainly because of ethnic conflict between people of Indian Origin - mainly Tamils - living in Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese. Usually a small country is suspicious of a big neighbour. But, India has never tried to play the role of a dominant big neighbour.

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The problem became serious when Tamils began demanding a national homeland or Republic of Eelam in an area of about sq. There are essentially two categories of Tamils in Sri Lanka. There are about one million people, whose forefathers migrated from India in ancient times.

They are known as Ceylon Tamils. The other category includes another about one million people, many of them without citizenship, who went to Sri Lanka during the nineteenth century.

The problem of their status dominated early India-Sri Lanka relations. The conflict with Ceylon Tamils came later. The Sinhalese fear Tamil domination, and that is the principal reason behind the conflict.

But after his death discrimination against Tamils started. Although an agreement was concluded with the Tamils by Prime Minister Bandaranaike but it could not pacify the Tamils. The Tamil youth who had lost faith in non-violence organised themselves into the Liberation Tigers.

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Tamil state or Eelam. The earliest efforts made for finding a solution to the ethnic problem was an agreement signed in by the Prime Minister of India Pt.

Tamils alleged that Nehru-Kotelawala Agreement was not implemented sincerely. This caused serious tensions in India-Sri Lanka relations which were aggravated by the language disturbances.

Sri Lankans blamed India for these disturbances. Bandaranaike an agreement was signed to resolve the problem of stateless persons. It sought to solve the problem of about 9 lakh 75 thousand stateless persons in Sri Lanka. About three lakhs of these people were to be granted Sri Lankan citizenship, and about 5 lakh 25 thousand persons were to be given Indian citizenship.

The fate of remaining 1 lakh 50 thousand stateless persons was to be decided in future. During her second tenure as Prime Minister, Mrs. Bandaranaike visited India in and her talks with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi resulted in a fresh agreement whereby half of these persons were to be given citizenship of Sri Lanka and the rest would become Indian nationals.

Thus, this issue of stateless persons was sought to be peacefully settled. The Kacchativu Dispute A territorial dispute arose in regard to the ownership of a one square mile uninhabited island, called Kacchativu, off the Jaffna coast in the Palk straits. India protested over the presence of Sri Lankan police during the festival in Both India and Sri Lanka were keen to avoid a serious situation.

Neither India nor Sri Lanka would send its policemen in uniform or custom officials, or resort to aerial reconnaissance or naval patrolling of adjacent waters during the St. During two lakh Tamils became refugees as they lost their homes. Thousands were killed and wounded.

india sri lanka relations essay writer

Despite all-party talks, peace eluded the island Republic.Tags: India – Sri Lanka Bilateral Relations Next story QUIZ – Insights Current Affairs Quiz – 08 October, ; Previous story Insights MINDMAPS: “India’s Energy challenges and Sustainable Development ” and “A Renewable Energy Future for India”.

India and Sri Lanka signed FTA in , which facilitated increased trade relations between the two countries. Sri Lanka has long been a priority destination for direct investment from India. India is among the top four investors in Sri Lanka with cumulative investments of over US$ 1 billion since India-Sri Lanka relations have generally been cordial, though there have been tensions caused mainly because of ethnic conflict between people of Indian Origin - mainly Tamils - living in Sri Lanka.

India Sri Lanka Relations UPSC India is Sri Lanka’s closest neighbour. The relationship between the two countries is more than 2, years old and both sides have built upon a legacy of intellectual, cultural, religious and linguistic intercourse.

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india sri lanka relations essay writer

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