Marketing plan on fmcg product acme

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Marketing plan on fmcg product acme

Many companies face the problem of allocating their precious marketing budgets across various marketing and sales initiatives in an effective manner. The hope is that the budget allocation decisions are optimal in order to reap the maximum performance for their brands.

Given the numerous initiatives taking place simultaneously, it is not always possible to pinpoint the trajectory of the performance curve due to a specific initiative.

Yet, it is critical for managers to understand their net realization on marketing expenditure. At a more holistic level, it was necessary to track the health of the brand portfolio and take course correction measures if necessary, based on the performance of the brand management and selling initiatives — if the brand sales were declining, who is accountable for it.

The objective of the engagement was to develop a marketing information system based on consumer behavior tracking data that would review the effect of marketing spends on the overall health of the brands marketed by the organization in the FMCG sector.

Specifically, the objectives of the project were: Do an audit of all the relevant market tracking data available with the organization to identify opportunities to mine them to get relevant brand health related information.

Develop a modeling system that takes this data as input and is able to mine the information to provide relevant insights about marketing returns on annual spending. Develop a user-friendly management—reporting format that can help marketing managers make the analyses actionable.

We identified three different sources of information collected by different market research agencies for the organization that provided information about consumer behavior what brands do they purchasemarketing mix prices, etc.

Marketing plan on fmcg product acme

Figure shows the overall approach used to combine various disparate sources of information to build a consumer model that explains consumer brand choice as a function of various market-driven and consumer-specific parameters.

Figure below details the various sources of data and the key information derived from each source.

Strategies Adopted By FMCG Companies for Making Their Brands Outstanding

A sophisticated statistical modeling procedure SAS program was employed to develop the prediction capabilities. Based on the developed model, the market shares of different brands were deconstructed into components attributable to specific marketing initiatives.

A pilot operation to design the system was undertaken using the data from the detergent product category in a significant market of the country. Two years tracking data was used to build and validate the model.

The various brands camouflaged and their pack sizes used in the analysis are depicted in figure. Product design and marketing strategy considerations: The development of a multimedia Walkman is not only going to be an enormous technical challenge, but very much so also in terms of marketing.

Therefore, we have investigated what basic factors should be taken into account in product design and marketing strategy by applying the classic adoption and diffusion theory and reviewed in three case studies success factors of products, which bear resemblance with our target.

The objective is to identify factors, which have been decisive for the success as well as those that have been less fortunate choices. Furthermore we have applied perceptual mapping to position our target product in regard to the referenced products.

John Howard points out that the most frequently cited reason for failure of new products in the marketplace is the inability to judge consumer reactions to them.

Designing a Marketing Strategy for an FMCG Company

In his theory, Howard distinguished three different classes of products. Limited Problem Solving LPS occurs when the conditions are as above, except that product has been already established. In the third category Reutilized Response Behavior RRB the product represent a familiar brand in a familiar product class.Some of the major strategies adopted by FMCG companies for making their brands outstanding compared to competitions are as follows: (i) Multi-brand Strategy (ii) Product Flanking (iii) Brand Extensions (iv) Building Product Lines (v) New Product Development (vi) Product .

With proper marketing plan and promotion, we can create the demand for this product. The ACME Agrovet and Beverages Ltd can launch this product to increase their product line, and with existing distribution network and sales force, they can come up with profitability.

Campaign Plan-2 Product: ACME Classic Juice ml Objective: Establishing ACME Classic Mango Juice ml in the top of mind of the consumer Establishing MC as Family’s first choice Creating the Pull market of MC ml Campaign Rational: Make it available on available stores & display to retail stores 8 *70*30= Marketing Plan on FMCG product: ACME Choco – Drink Essay Sample.

Since , The ACME Laboratories Ltd. has been doing their operation in Bangladesh and today, it is one of the most successful business conglomerates having sister concerns and investments in various sectors in lot other areas in .

Acme High Tech Consulting Marketing Plan (SAMPLE) Executive Summary Executive Summary Acme Consulting is a consulting company specializing in marketing of high­technology products in international markets.

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