Mini restaurant business plan

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Mini restaurant business plan

REC will capitalize on the growing entertainment market across the world through the production and promotion of high quality entertainment. REC will own and control the masters master copiescopyrights and licenses of its product, which will enable REC to create immediate revenue streams while growing its music catalog into a multi-million dollar asset.

REC has formed an experienced, award-winning management team. The years of experience maintained in both the business and creative sides of record company operations will enable REC to generate profitable revenue immediately.

REC maintains strong affiliations in the music industry. REC has compiled an exciting and diverse roster of recording artists. Selected over the past year, these highly talented veteran and debuting artists will enable REC to quickly penetrate the music marketplace.

REC will distinguish itself from other independent record companies through its marketing and promotional plan. Intense, calculated and relentless promotional campaigns will enable REC to earn massive revenues through the mini restaurant business plan popularity of "singles", as well as, traditional full-length albums.

REC will utilize the success of its pre-recorded music to develop profit centers in independent distribution, merchandise and concert promotion.

These funds will be used to: A staged infusion of capital over the course of the first 10 months of operations will provide REC with the necessary financial resources.

A linked offering composed of common stock, preferred stock and debentures is being offered by REC. As REC reaches the aforementioned levels of profitability, several mini restaurant business plan exit scenarios become realistic including the opportunity to be acquired by a major record company and, depending on investor preferences, the ability to liquidate ownership positions.

REC is committed to wholesome entertainment across the board and firmly believes that quality, palatable entertainment can be realized without compromising commercial appeal.

REC distinguishes itself through the commitment it undertakes with each of its artists. Contrasting the typical scenario in which a record company spends more money producing the music than they do in its marketing and promotion, REC will utilize a stable of experienced and resourceful producers to ensure the highest quality product within established production budgets.

This, in conjunction with the financing and expertise necessary to stage intense, relentless marketing campaigns will guarantee the impetus necessary to create "winning" products in the marketplace. REC is composed of three internal divisions: Each of the albums that REC produces and owns will create valuable short-term streams of revenue.

mini restaurant business plan

Owning and controlling the rights to each of its albums will enable REC to grow its music catalog into a valuable asset, one of several-hundred revenue producing titles.

Carl Lever and Mr. Rama has linked and placed projects and music titles with the following television networks and television and motion picture production companies: Carl Lever, a graduate from the Johnson Center, in the College of Business at the University of Nevada, possesses a wealth of entertainment and general business experience.

Lever provides the essential business acumen to direct REC in daily finance, accounting and resource management functions. In addition, a qualified, experienced and talented management team has been selected to operate Reed Music and its associated labels.

Several of these projects have earned nominations for Grammy and Stellar Awards. This assemblage is poised to utilize its combined skills to ensure the growth and profitability of REC.

Responsible for the cultivation of talent, the production of pre-recorded music product and its marketing, the success of REC Music will lay the groundwork for additional REC profit centers. REC Music and its associated labels strive to fully maximize the success and profit potential of each artist.

Each division has been created with a distinct and specialized reputation of its own, and will be responsible for a separate genre of music. As the widest music market, REC Music personnel have auditioned and selected several artists who will debut with Ocean Records.

Wave Records is responsible for Jazz and new Adult Contemporary products. The growing popularity and profitability of these music genres dictates quality product supported by solid promotional and marketing strategies and budgets. This veteran roster provides Wave with artists possessing a recent track record and an existing loyal customer base.

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Combined, these artists have sold overunits in the past three years. Beat is intent on producing music with clean, positive lyrics. Electronic production capabilities lower production costs enabling projects to be completed at one-third the cost of projects in the other music genres.

This allows REC to recoup its investment and realize profits with a lower break-even point. Light Records is designed and created to produce and promote inspirational and gospel recordings.

Light Records is committed to the work of the ministry, and will acquire artists who share in this commitment.Adopting a s theme, the American Diner intends to serve traditional foods, such as fruit pies and cobblers, freshly baked breads, pot pies, and other "home-cooking" with an eye toward health.

Red Hot & Blue Memphis-style blues-themed barbecue restaurant located in Irving, Texas specializing in slow-smoked pulled pork, pulled chicken, award-winning ribs and signature bbq sauces, oh-so-tender beef brisket, and amazing chicken wings. MacKenan. MacKenan Parking Revisions - SP; Bldg Executive Cir.

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Bldg Executive Cir - SPPUD; Building. Building Title Sheet - Formerly the UK's first public subscription library, this wonderful listed building is now home to the Library Restaurant.

mini restaurant business plan

Boasting a plethora of fantastic food, cocktails and wine, the Library is co-directors Nigel & Jayne Raffles' biggest project to date. Dinner with a view. Technically all of our restaurants are on the waterfront, but you get the idea.

With over 40 à la carte menu items for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this modern Australian restaurant serves up a sophisticated selection of both classic dishes and cutting edge cuisine. Here is the definitive list of restaurant catering services near your location as rated by your neighborhood community.

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