Replacements to cfcs essay

New scientific evidence continues to demonstrate that the ozone depletion models -and the resulting ban on CFCs- are based on a Big Lie By Rogelio Maduro Co-author of the book " The Holes in the Ozone Scare"New satellite ozone data and other atmospheric studies based on actual measurements confirm that the ozone layer is not a homogeneous, flat and that atmospheric dynamics, not chemistry, is the driving factor that determines the thickness of the ozone layer. The scientific research reported here strips any shred of credibility from the claims of the ozone depletion theorists leaving the Montreal Protocol backed only by the Malthusian ideotogy of its founders.

Replacements to cfcs essay

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Antarctic Ozone Hole Could Close by Scientist Michael Perry, September 17,Reuters The hole in the Replacements to cfcs essay layer over Antarctica may close within 50 years as the level of destructive ozone-depleting CFCs in the atmosphere is now declining, one of the world's leading atmospheric scientists said Tuesday.

The following is even less well thought out than the usual fare here, but it involves a question that''s been nagging at me and I need your help.

I'd very much appreciate hearing what other folks have to say, either in the comments or by email. One of the most vexing issues for modern conservatism is its relationship to the environmental movement.

On the one hand, no one who believes in a Created world and in the importance of conserving what has been handed to us by preceding generations can take lightly the damage Man does to Nature to no good purpose.

It's easy enough to justify cutting down trees to build a house, but how justify clear cutting Replacements to cfcs essay forest and not replacing it? How justify punishing a common criminal who does violence to a few but not vigorously pursuing corporate polluters who do violence to the many?

If Republicans are to become the majority party again, as they were from the Civil War to the Great Depression, they will need to find ways to talk about and protect the environment. It's just too big an issue, especially among suburban voters, for the GOP to continue to ignore it.

But this story points up why the embrace will be so difficult. Even mainstream Environmentalism makes dangerous assumptions about the effect that Man can have on the environment and horribly underestimates the effect Man can have on his own society.

The ideology of Environmentalism leads its adherents to advocate mammoth change to the culture in order to avert purely speculative dangers, thereby causing genuine destruction to avoid a mere specter.

The chemical industry creates an immense variety of products which impinge on virtually every aspect of our lives. replacements for chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and the development of Green Chemistry as an active research area. From research to production. However, due to production restrictions of CFCs in the s, atmospheric concentrations of CFC and CFC has stopped increasing, and the CFC to CFC ratio in the atmosphere have been steadily decreasing, making water dating of water masses more problematic. The use of CFCs and HCFCs as refrigerants, attack, deplete the ozone layer and aids global warming. The use of hydrocarbon- propane as a refrigerant with zero; ozone depletion potential (ODP), global.

The dubious notion that mankind was causing a major "global warming", for instance, prompted them to call for various measures that taken together amount to a true assault on modern industry and which, most importantly, might have curtailed modernization in the Third World.

It would be one thing to ban SUVs in America, we'd easily find replacements, but to try and steer a developing nation away from an economy based on fossil fuels might well sentence its people to years more poverty and suffering than they need face.

Human nature being what it is, conservatives who might support the goal of reducing Man's impact on the environment and might support reasonable steps in this direction, instead have their hackles raised by the extravagant claims and draconian solutions put forward by Environmentalists.

Conservatives recognize in Environmentalism many of the traits of the other "-isms" discussed below and a genuine hatred of humanity. It doesn't take too finely tuned an ear to hear the voice of the exterminator lurking in discussions of " overpopulation " and sustainability.

What though might a conservative environmentalism look like? Here are a few ideas that might guide it with apologies to Russell Kirk: This does not mean that every tree and blade of grass must be sacrosanct, but it does mean that every inch of space in America need not bear a strip mall.

Only man is a moral creature and, therefore, only men have rights. Where property is taken its owners must be fairly compensated.

To the greatest extent possible, conservation should be private and allow for reasonable use. There's no inconsistency between saying that land has been preserved for the future and allowing folks to hunt, camp, fish, log, etc.

Nature is being saved so that it will be there for us to enjoy, not as some kind of totemic fetish. Just as conservatives instinctively distrust those who would make sweeping changes to the culture, they should be skeptical of those who propose massive restructuring of the physical landscape.

It seems apparent that a conservative environmentalism would be much different than Environmentalism in tone and in policy, yet it should serve to alleviate the legitimate concerns of voters that conservatism is nothing more than pro-business, pro-development, and anti-environment.

A conservative environmentalism would still favor economic growth, but it would seek to check human appetite. It would be just as strictly law and order when it comes to polluters as it is when it comes to drug dealing. In all of this, it would bring conservative views on environmental issues into line with conservative views on social issues and restore some coherence and consistency in place of what has all to often in recent years been a tendency to petulantly oppose anything that Environmentalism supports and to take that opposition to extremes.

Just because Environmentalists think spotted owls are more important than people does not require conservatives to actively seek their extinction, but this has often been the seeming reaction. A conservative environmentalism would provide a framework for considering such issues that would be independent of the lunatic Left and allow for a proactive rather than a reactive approach.HUBRIS & HUMIDITY: Antarctic Ozone Hole Could Close by Scientist (Michael Perry, September 17, , Reuters) The hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica may close within 50 years as the level of destructive ozone-depleting CFCs in the atmosphere is now declining, one of the world's leading atmospheric scientists said Tuesday.

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Apr 20,  · For this essay, we will concentrate on several health issues that plague seniors nationally, but will specifically focus on the aging population over 65 in Monrovia, California. Monrovia is a smallish city located at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in the .

Ozone depletion also causes major health problems because of the effects that the ultraviolet (UV) rays have on the body.

These rays can cause skin cancer, premature aging, cataracts and immune system suppression.

Replacements to cfcs essay

There are two types of skin cancer that ozone depletion effects, melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer. Subscribe to Sustained Outrage. Pages. A note about comments; with the publication of a major essay in a scientific journal and the release of a critical report by the advocacy organization Environmental Working Group.

(CFCs), thus allowing for the recovery of the ozone layer. However, many of the organofluorine replacements for CFCs. 0 Down votes, mark as not useful. nps12C. Uploaded by Ali Habib.

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