Research questions for business students

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Research questions for business students

The mission of the U. It is envisioned that the training program will increase both the effectiveness and number of future environmental scientists.

Research Grants

Some appropriate fields of study for trainees include, but are not limited to, environmental science, water policy, chemistry, engineering, computer science, ecology, and physical and biological sciences.

Anticipated Type of Award: Cooperative Agreement Estimated Number of Awards: Cost-sharing is not required. Proposals with budgets exceeding the total award limits will not be considered.

This solicitation is available to each State, territory and possession, and Tribal nation of the U. Profit-making firms are not eligible to receive assistance agreements from the EPA under this program.

See full announcement for more details. To apply under this solicitation, use the application package available at Grants. With the exception of the current and pending support form available at Research Funding Opportunities: How to Apply and Required Formsall necessary forms are included in the electronic application package.

Make sure to include the current and pending support form in your Grants.

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If your organization is not currently registered with Grants. Applicants must ensure that all registration requirements are met in order to apply for this opportunity through Grants.

This registration, and electronic submission of your application, must be performed by an authorized representative of your organization. If you do not have the technical capability to utilize the Grants. A below for additional guidance and instructions. The goal of the Environmental Research Apprenticeship Program is to increase both the effectiveness and number of future environmental scientists and technicians by allowing trainees to collaborate with senior EPA-ORD scientists while working in a fully operational federal research laboratory.

EPA recognizes that it is important to engage all available minds to address the environmental challenges the nation faces. At the same time, EPA seeks to expand the environmental conversation by including members of communities which may have not previously participated in such dialogues to participate in EPA programs.

For purposes of this solicitation, the following are considered MSIs: There is no list of HSIs. Address Climate Change Objective 1.

Improve Air Quality Goal 2: Protecting America's Waters Objective 2. Protect Human Health Objective 2. Promote Sustainable and Livable Communities Goal 4: The ultimate goal is to produce environmental scientists and technicians who not only have relevant classroom experience, but who also have research laboratory experience.

The purpose of this announcement is to request applications to competitively select a technically and administratively qualified recipient to develop and administer a year-round research training program.

Research questions for business students

The Environmental Research Apprenticeship Program is expected to include collaborative training opportunities by GWERD scientists mentors and university scientists for both undergraduate and graduate students. Trainees will gain research experience by working under the mentorship of GWERD scientists in their EPA laboratory throughout the academic year and may continue their training during the summer session.

Applications proposing to train only undergraduate students are likely to receive less consideration than those proposing to train both undergraduate and graduate students. Inclusion of training for Ph. Applications proposing to train only graduate students are unlikely to be funded.

Research themes for training opportunities will be identified, collaboratively, by GWERD and the recipient. Themes should primarily reflect GWERD research priorities and funding availability and include, but are not limited to, research in pollution prevention and green infrastructure; research of biological, physical and chemical remediation; ecosystem research; and environmental research of watersheds, drinking water and wastewater.

EPA will not participate in the trainee selection process or otherwise assume any supervisory responsibilities regarding the trainees selected by the recipient.

Training in professional scientific ethics and quality assurance is expected to be provided both by the recipient and EPA. The on-site cooperative training experience should be conducted with GWERD scientists and aim to include: For research with an international aspect, the above statutes are supplemented, as appropriate, by the National Environmental Policy Act, Section 2 F.

Further note applications dealing with any aspect of or related to hydraulic fracking will not be funded by EPA through this program.Find the research you need to help your work and join open discussions with the authors and other experts.

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Research questions for business students

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