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Roster method to write a set of non

To provide a harassment-free workplace for staff, inmates and visitors, materials depicting human nudity or sexuality including photographs or which could cause or create a hostile work environment are not allowed in the Caldwell County Detention Center.

Nudity is defined as the depiction or display of pubic hair, genitalia, buttocks or breasts of either sex. More than one inmate may possess an item at one time.

The following items are examples of contraband that an inmate is prohibited to possess while being held by the Caldwell County Detention Center: Items not specifically authorized by jail rules: More property than can be held in a plastic property container, more than one blanket, more than one mattress, any amount of allowable property that can not be neatly stored in the plastic storage container with lid sealed.

These items are considered contraband and are subject to confiscation. Incoming mail should have a complete full name and full return address. Incoming mail must be addressed to your full name the name and spelling under which you were booked.

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We will not accept mail that does not meet these requirements. Mail is distributed within 24 to 48 hours, except during weekends and holidays or staff shortages.

We will only accept mail that comes in from the U. All mail and publications must be delivered by the U.

roster method to write a set of non

All other mail will be returned to the sender. Legal mail will be opened and examined for contraband by an officer in the presence of the inmate. Officers will remove all documents from the envelope and examine them for the presence of contraband.

It must be in a Custom Envelope from the inmates attorney. If a piece of Legal mail is opened by mistake, the Officer will explain to the inmate that it was opened and why it was opened but not read.

General mail will be opened, examined for contraband, read and, under some circumstances, withheld from the inmate and turned over to the Detention Administrator.

If items of contraband are found in the envelope, the entire envelope along with its contents may be returned to the sender or held as evidence pending an investigation. General Mail may contain the following items; up to 5 pages of handwritten or typed person-to-person correspondence.

Envelopes containing excessive items will be returned to the sender. Inmates are NOT to receive any items such as nudity of any type, staples, glitter, fragrances, paperclips, rubber bands, binder clips, self-addressed return envelopes, stamps, and any photo copied documents unless it is of a legal nature from your attorney only.

Publications from individual persons will be returned to the sender. Any mailed item that portrays violence, pornography, illegal activity or any act, symbol or item that may compromise the safety, security or proper order of this facility will be returned to the sender.

Inmates are not allowed to correspond between one another without authorization from the Detention Administrator. Inmates can write one another from jail to prison and long as the prison will allow the other inmate to receive the letters. However, inmates in this jail cannot write other inmates that are housed in this same jail.

Disciplinary action will follow if this is taken place. General outgoing mail must be flat, fully flexible and bendable and contain handwritten or typed correspondence. It must be delivered unsealed to a detention officer.

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It may be opened and inspected for contraband outside of your presence. NO drawings or pictures are allowed to be on any outgoing mail envelopes. Any envelopes with drawings or pictures will be returned or considered as contraband. The only thing that is to be written on an envelope is the inmates name and the detention center address, and the receivers name and address.The Detention Division of the Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the housing of inmates who have been charged or convicted of criminal violations, transportation of the inmates to and from court appearances, monitoring of the pre-trial release electronic monitoring program for the Caldwell County Courts, and protection of the Caldwell County Courthouse and its staff.

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It’s time once again to review those nasty errors that damage our credibility when we write. Not normally a fun task, but absolutely necessary.

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