Shahid afridi

Apr 4, Captain Virat Kohli stressed that he could "never support" anything that harms the interests of India. Unless I have total knowledge of the issues and the intricacies of it I don't engage in it but definitely your priority stays with your nation," he added. World Cup-winning former captain Kapil Dev wondered why Afridi was even receiving importance.

Shahid afridi

Sepah Adam Khel All Afridi clans have their own areas in the Tirah Valley, and most of them extend down into the Khyber Pass over which they have always exercised the right of toll. The Malikdin Khel live in the centre of the Tirah and hold Bagh, the traditional meeting place of Afridi jirgas or assemblies.

The Aka Khel are scattered in the hills south of Jamrud.

Shahid afridi

All of this area is included in the Khyber Agency. The Adam Khel live in the hills between Peshawar and Kohat. Their preserve is the Kohat Pass in which several of the most important Afridi gun factories are Shahid afridi.

Religion[ edit ] All modern Afridis follow Islam. Its strategic value was not lost on the Mughals to whom the Afridis were implacably hostile. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message The British connection with the Adam Khel Afridis commenced immediately after the annexation of the Peshawar and Kohat districts.

Following the example of all the previous rulers, the British agreed to pay the tribe a subsidy to protect the pass. However, inp Afridis attacked a body of British sappers engaged in making a road, killing 12 and wounding 6.

It was supposed that they disliked the construction of a road. An expedition of British troops was despatched, which traversed the country and punished them. When the Afridis of the Kohat Pass resisted, the Jowaki Afridis offered the use of their route instead; but they turned out more aggressive than the others, and ina force of British traversed their country and destroyed their stronghold at Bori.

Shahid afridi

An expedition of troops entered the country and inflicted severe punishment on the tribe, who made their submission and paid a fine. A force of troops penetrated their country in three columns in the Jowaki Expedition and did considerable damage by way of punishment.

However, the attitude of the Jowakis continued the same, and their raids into British territory went on.

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A much stronger force, therefore, of British troops, divided into three columns, in anddestroyed their principal villages and occupied their country for some time, until the tribe submitted and accepted government terms.

The Kohat Pass was afterwards practically undisturbed. A force of British troops traversed their country, and the tribesmen made their submission. The Afridis of the Khyber Pass continued to cause the British trouble during the progress of the Second Afghan War so another force of British troops traversed their country, and after suffering some loss the tribesmen made their submission.

The Tirah Expedition of the British forces followed, and negotiations for peace were then begun with the Afridis, who, under the threat of another expedition into Tirah in springat length agreed to pay the fines and surrender the rifles demanded.Dubai: One of the most prominent sportsmen and cricketers in Pakistan, Shahid Afridi was caught on video using ‘naswar’, a form of dried tobacco that is chewed, in a Defence Day ceremony held.

Former Pakistan cricket captain Shahid Afridi celebrated his 18th wedding anniversary with wife Nadia on October 20th. Here are the pictures from the celebration.

India vs Pakistan Test series bigger than Ashes, says Shahid Afridi

There are sultans of swing, magicians of spin and destructive batsmen who call cricket their game and then there is Sahibzada Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi, the one we know as Shahid Afridi and the one his team-mates call 'Lala'.

According to the Cricket pundits, Shahid ‎Afridi was the man who snatched all the smiles and laughs from bangali’s faces by his splendid and devastating sixes and leads team green towards finals. Shahid Afridi, Pakistan's allrounder, is as enigmatic a player as there ever was.

He came as a year-old into the Pakistan ODI squad and was unfazed by all the speculation regarding his real age. Shahid Afridi Foundation. 1,, likes · 5, talking about this. Giving Hope to the people in Pakistan & across the Globe that together we will make.

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