The importance of legalization of same sex marriages the importance of equality

This is the most controversial post I have ever written in ten years of blogging.

The importance of legalization of same sex marriages the importance of equality

Not all of us who want these issues addressed are opponents of any form of plebiscite or postal survey.

The importance of legalization of same sex marriages the importance of equality

They also have bills of rights which accord some recognition to the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

Australia does not yet recognise same-sex marriages — not even those marriages recognised in their countries of origin. Neither does Australia have a bill of rights with the result that the federal protection of rights such as freedom of religion is more piecemeal than in other countries.

It Violates Natural Law

In Australia, the tendency has been to treat the freedom of religion on contested questions as an exemption to sex discrimination laws.

This results in freedom of religion being treated as a second order right. Christian support for marriage equality is growing Keith Mascord Read more The Australian parliament will legislate this term or next term, or perhaps the term after that, to recognise same-sex marriages.

No one can predict certainly which party will be in government when the legislation is passed. No one can predict certainly which preliminary steps will have been conducted prior to the introduction of the legislation.

There may be a voluntary postal survey conducted by the ABS. One thing is certain. The issues surrounding religious freedom in a society which recognises same-sex marriage will not be fully resolved any time soon.

Some argue that these issues should be resolved before the public votes in a compulsory plebiscite or voluntary postal survey. I can see that opponents of same-sex marriage might want to insist on this, and that supporters of same-sex marriage might regard this as a time delaying tactic.

It is important to appreciate that the legal and policy changes needed to protect religious freedom would not appear in the Marriage Act but in other statutes such as the Sex Discrimination Act. I will highlight just a handful of the practical religious freedom questions which will arise.

The importance of legalization of same sex marriages the importance of equality

Once the Marriage Act is amended, should a church school be able to decline to offer married quarters to a teacher in a same sex marriage? Equally I would continue to allow a church school to make a free choice as to who best to employ as a teacher.

Free choice is often better than legal prescription when trying to educate in the ways of truth and love. Should a church aged care facility be able to decline to offer married quarters to a couple who had contracted a same sex marriage?

After all, same sex marriage is a very modern phenomenon and I would favour ongoing tolerance of the residents in aged care facilities run by a church, wanting to live out their last days with individuals and couples in relationships such as they have long known them.

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However, even in Catholic aged care facilities, we need to admit that not all couples are living in a church recognised marriage, and it is no business of other residents to know if they are. We need to allow everyone time to adapt with good grace, provided only that we can be certain that appropriate services are available elsewhere if a church feels unable to oblige on religious grounds.

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Carr was fond of telling audiences that debates about the scope of religious freedom and the intersection between freedom of religion and non-discrimination were best and most easily resolved by the state premier receiving personal representations from the religious leaders.

He and they thought that religious freedom might suffer some diminution if the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion were included in a statutory bill of rights. Eight years on, I daresay the political influence of church leaders meeting behind closed doors with political leaders has subsided.

Two years after the national human rights consultation, the Sydney Archbishops accompanied the Australian Christian Lobby to a meeting with prime minister Julia Gillard. After the meeting, Cardinal Pell reported that the religious leaders had told the prime minister: What is needed is legislation that embodies and recognises these basic religious freedoms as a human right.

His bill does not deal with many of the contested religious freedom issues. Not all of us who want these issues addressed are opponents of same-sex marriage. I am one of those Australians who will be pleased when same-sex marriages are recognised by Australian law but with adequate protection for religious freedoms.

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That will require painstaking respectful dialogue given the lack of a statutory bill of rights.By C. Gwendolyn Landolt National Vice President REAL Women of Canada. Two views of homosexuality are creating tensions in Canada.

Some believe, on the basis of equality, that there should be no distinction drawn in any way by society between homosexual and heterosexual relationships. Since its formation in , Mennonite Church USA has declined from more than , adult members to about 67, adult members today.

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Bermuda Government since July 19 Legislature, Constitution, Executive, Judiciary, Voters. By Keith Archibald Forbes (see About Us) exclusively for Bermuda Online. Introduction. Bermuda is a parliamentary representative democratic dependency.

A same-sex marriage is a marriage of a same-sex legal status of same-sex marriage has changed in recent years in numerous jurisdictions around the world. The current trends and consensus of political authorities and religions throughout the world are summarized in this article.

Get the latest breaking news across the U.S. on Back in , my gay friends and I in Brooklyn, New York, used to have debates about whether it was the "right" time to fight for same-sex marriage.

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