Windy day

He had begun to achieve in oil the spontaneity and immediacy of his watercolour work which later earned him comparison with Constable and the early French Impressionists. In an earlier letter to his son, Cox wrote of his keen interest in taking up the medium: I should never again touch water colours only for my honour and duty to the society I belong to Give me oil. I only wish I had begun earlier in life; the pleasure in painting in oil is so very satisfactory' quoted in Solly, p.

Windy day

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I love it when she initiates craft! So I gathered up a few materials, and helped her make one. She chose teal on this occasion, which I think looks quite lovely!

A rainbow of colours would also look fabulous. Either way, drawing like this is great pre-writing practice. As you can see, JJ is still learning how to hold her marker, however at this age the important thing is that she enjoys drawing, and therefore wants to practice, just like she is here.

While she was working on her decorations, I set out pre-cut strips of crepe paper and pre-torn strips of masking tape along the side of the table for easy access. Then when she was ready, she attached the crepe strips along the bottom of the bag.

Windy day

It would have been easier and neater for me to do this step for her, but that would have robbed her of the opportunity to do it herself. JJ spent a long time considering where each new crepe strip would go, and it was quite fiddly work for her to attach each one.

Working with sticky masking tape like this is great for developing her fine motor skills; exercising all those small muscles and tendons in her hand and fingers that she will need later on. And because JJ insisted that a kite needed to have a string, I tied a section of kitchen twine though the handles of the bag.

Windy day

For toddlers, you might want to skip this step as it is easier to fly the kite by holding onto the handles directly. And of course then we had to give it a whirl!

Fireplace smokes on windy days

The idea is that the child holds onto the twine or handles and sways the kite from side to side, feeling the wind tug on the kite and watching all the crepe strips flap around in the breeze.

Later that afternoon we chatted about the various shapes of kites and JJ asked if we could make a diamond shaped one. Yay for the second child-initiated craft of the day! JJ decorated some cardboard with markers, which I then cut into a diamond shape, and drew on horizontal and vertical lines.

I then attached a tail of kitchen twine, twisting on some crepe paper to add embellishments to the tail. Danya is a fun mum to daughters JJ and Bee. Together they play, create, laugh and love.Photoshop Contest: Windy Day.

Browse this gallery of photoshop contest entries, vote on your favorites or submit your own image. A Windy Day In Warrnambool by Francis Warrnambool an overcast and sunless day The silver gulls are mewing above Stingray Bay The dark welcome swallows speedsters of the sky In pursuit.

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