Writing a press release for book launch party

The nonuplets, to continue Neiburger's analogy, are a diverse bunch, ranging from poetry to memoirs to a comic book. Out of about 30 submissions, nine were selected for publication.

Writing a press release for book launch party

How to Throw a Launch Party by Michelle Barry - Updated September 26, Throwing a launch party involves the typical party planning, from selecting the venue to ordering the catering and sending out invitations.

What makes a launch party successful is the exposure it creates. Whether you are launching a new product, brand, book or performance artist, the attention your event generates is what creates the payoff.

Save the date for Ooligan’s next big book release party—May 13 is going to be one of the first memorable events of the summer. If you like Portland, books, scavenger hunts, or all of the above, this is one event you won’t want to miss. If you don’t know how to write a press release — or simply don’t have enough hours in the day to fit press release writing into your schedule — you’re in luck. Our team of writers knows how to write press releases that attract media attention for your news, event or announcement. Writing & Drawing Pencils Rulers Book Launch Gifts. 60 results Book Party Launch Release Invitation. $ 15% Off with code SEASONZTREAT. Author Signed Edition. Gold and Black. Classic Round Sticker. $ 50% Off with code SEASONZTREAT.

Launch events can be pricey so it is important to create party buzz and, ultimately, sales, to create a good return on your investment. Press Release A press release is a free way to generate publicity for your launch event.

How to write a press release headline Here is a free sample press release template which you can use to announce the launch of a new book.
Preparing for the Best Book Launch Ever In this series, debut author-to-be Crystal King describes the traditional publication process from start to finish: In this installment of "On the Path to Publication" Crystal talks about planning for the book launch.
Ann Arbor District Library's Fifth Avenue Press turns local authors' dreams into printed realities Click To Tweet Install an exit pop-up to increase subscribers You might find it annoying as a user, but we can attest that pop-ups are very effective at getting people to sign up.
How Should You Format Your Restaurant Press Release? Of all the self-promotion options available, distributing press releases is probably the most overlooked method.
Video of the Day Think big, find sponsors, get the word out, and give yourself plenty of time to plan and prepare.

Include all the pertinent information, such as the location, date, time and reason for the event. Highlight who will be interested in attending this event.

For example, if the event is to launch a book, specify the genre of the book, mention positive reviews and specify the book's target audience. Send the press release to all local news media several weeks ahead of your event. Media Coverage In addition to the press release, contact the news departments that cover events and entertainment.

Encourage reporters and anchors to attend the event and invite them to broadcast live from it. Offer to do lead-up interviews for the event to build publicity momentum. When speaking with media representatives, be prepared to say why the event would be of interest to their viewers and would make an entertaining addition to their newscast.

This involves researching their programming, what they typically feature and how it ties into your target audience. Video of the Day Brought to you by Techwalla Brought to you by Techwalla Target Your Audience Identify who your target audience is for the launch party and strategize how to connect with them to promote the event.

The books are in!

If your target consumer is a young adult, for example, you might market the launch party on local college campuses. If your primary consumers are athletic orientated women, advertise in local gyms, at yoga studios and fitness stores.

Create a social media ad campaign, specifying the demographics of your target audience. Giveaways and Prizes People enjoy giveaways and prizes, so offering them at your launch party could encourage them to attend. Promote the fact that product samples will be given out to party guests.

Advertise what types of prizes will be awarded at the event. If a book is being launched, book the author to do a signing.

Not only does this give consumers a taste of your product and a reason to attend, it could help to cultivate new and loyal customers by giving them a taste of your business.The first step to ensure a successful book launch is to choose the right venue for your book and your audience.

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For me, the perfect venue was my campus bookstore since I knew a large part of my first readers would be my students. Press releases can be an important component of a book publicity campaign. Here is a free sample press release template which you can use to announce the launch of a new book.

Each section of the book launch press release template offers an explanation of the .

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Plan to have a book launch party timed near the release of your book. It's a fabulous way to generate interest in your book, get the attention of the press, and get a direct feel for how people. For Immediate Release: Plans College Preview Day for Local High School Students will hold a College Preview Day .

writing a press release for book launch party

The launch and signing of Bursting at the Seams: A Collection of Poetry by Chantel Massey will take place on Friday, February 23, Books will be available for purchase during the event.

Part of the proceeds will go towards promoting and improving the literacy of adults and families i. This portfolio may include your author bio, photo, book summary, excerpt from your book, print out of your book cover, web site, and a press release.

Include a mock flier advertising your book signing at their location, which if they decide to host your event, could then be placed in the bags of customers.

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